Direct Contract Interaction

A work in progress for directly interacting with ARC contracts via Etherscan

Get Exact Debt and Balance

Read Contract - getPosition() Response:

tuple : Address
Collateral Amount
Debt Amount

Open / Borrow / Repay / Liquidate

  1. Get Exact Debt and Balance from above instructions.

  2. Get Vault_ID from "My Positions" page "Position #" column.

  3. Write as Proxy - 2. operateAction()

    1. This takes fields (operation, params).

      1. See below for how they are defined.

      2. Make sure assets have been approved in UI for now (etherscan instructions to come)

operation values:
0 : Open Position
1 : Borrow
2 : Repay
3 : Liquidate
// Must be in square brackts
// No spaces
// All numbers in quotes
// Vault ID normal size, not in WEI
// Both amounts in WEI

Repay Example: operateAction(2, [Vault Number, Repay Amount, Withdraw Amount])

Borrow Example: operateAction(1, [Vault Number, Deposit Amount, Borrow Amount])

With Values Example for Repay 1 LINK-USD, Withdraw 1 LINK: operation: 2 params: ["99999","1000000000000000","1000000000000000"]