If you are looking to partner with ARCx on an integration, please reach out via Discord.


Scores are numerical values assigned to a specific wallet address that are derived from wallet activity, and which are continuously published on-chain. We use a system called โ€œScore Builderโ€ to rapidly design and deploy scores on top of ARCx infrastructure at scale. Score rules (i.e. the on-chain events or attributes that count toward a specific Score) can be developed in consultation with ARCx.
We have developed a number of examples to show the flexibility of the system, including loyalty scores and credit scores. Since Scores are published on-chain, they can be used by other DeFi applications to achieve a variety of objectives, including identifying and rewarding loyal users with airdrops or whitelists, or incentivizing governance participation through surfacing Snapshot voting behaviour on the Passport.
Score Builder can unlock new and interesting use cases that build community, protect value, create utility and make using decentralized finance more fun. If youโ€™re interested in developing a Score with ARCx, please reach out to us via Discord.

Available chains

ARCx is currently available on Ethereum Mainnet, but we are working toward launching on Polygon by end of Q1 2022.

Airdrops and whitelists

Our scoring infrastructure allows you to effectively filter the universe of wallet addresses to a subset of your choosing. One very strong use case for this is for determining the recipients of an Airdrop. In an article published on our Substack in October 2021 where we evaluated the performance of the Ribbon Finance Airdrop, we found that Ribbon could have potentially saved between 1.23M and 8.12M RBN had they removed the opportunity sybil attack - something which could have been achieved by using a Score.
If you are interested in optimizing an Airdrop or Whitelist, please reach out to us via Discord.

Engineering integrations

The ARCx team provides a variety of endpoints to 3rd-party developers to facilitate the acquisition of data related to ARCx products. Most of the information returned by our endpoints is rendered from analyzing on-chain logs. There are three main categories to our endpoints:
  • Scores: Relates to scores and all their associated metadata that goes on-chain. These scores are already used by 3rd party developers to make data-driven decisions within smart contracts. This is achieved through the use of Merkel Trees. You'll can filters scores by wallet address, fetch Merkel proofs and so much more using these endpoints..โ€‹
  • Passports: The ARCx Passport is the key to our ecosystem. It enables you to view your scores, borrowing and more. The passport is a visual representation of your blockchain identity.
More information can be found in the Developers section on Gitbook