ARCX Token Split and Migration

Token Split and Migration

After a successful snapshot vote on AIP-2 - the ARCx community has proceeded with a split of the ‘Old ARCx Governance Token’ 1:10,000. This will result in a total supply of 100,000,000 ARCx Governance Tokens.
As an indication, if you hold 1 ARCx worth $10,000 pre-split, you would get 10,000 ARCx post split - each worth $1.00.

Where to Migrate?

The migration contract is accessible through the website, which will allow Old ARCx token holders to burn their old tokens and mint new ARCx tokens. This contract will run in perpetuity, meaning that there is no risk of a holder missing out on the migration.
The original ARCx Governance Token will be called the ‘Old ARCx Governance Token’ and the new token post-split will simply be referred to as the ARCx Governance Token.
The core function of the ‘post-split’ ARCx Token will be exactly the same - to govern the protocol, and to use it as a tool to incentivize growth and integrations with other protocols.
Last modified 7mo ago