ARCx Token (Technical)
Listed below are all the addresses related to the ARCx token.
Official ARCx Governance Token Address. Minting capabilities controlled by the ARCx team
(Old) ARCx Governance Token before 10,000:1 split authorized by Arcx Improvement Proposal-2 (AIP-2)
ARCx Emissions Distributor. 19.1% of the supply goes to the community treasury, 15.5% to the core team & 5.41% to the original angel round.
Vested Phase 2 tokens that will be distributed 6 months after the launch of the token.
Unsold Phase 2 tokens that can be sold at the discretion of the ARCx team.
ARCx DAO Treasury Address. Funds are voted on via Snapshot voting and executed via a multi-sig.
Vested Core team tokens. Initial lock up for 6+6 months, vested continuously for 36 months after. Total 4 year vesting. 15.5% total, 1% allocated to $KERMAN holders (see below)
Vested Angel round tokens. Initial lock up for 6+6 months, earned continuously via emissions for a total of 4 years.
Additional Core team (social token) allocation. 1% (from the Core team 15.5%) is distributed to $KERMAN holders. More details around claiming for this will be made in the coming months.
ARCx Growth Allocation Address. Treasury allocation managed by the Llama team. Details here.
Note: 6+6 months refers to 6-months pre-token tradability and 6-months post-token tradability. This was a decision taken by the Core team and Angel investors to ensure that the token tradability event was as fair as possible to network participants.
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