Updated ARCx token release schedule
AIP4 passed on the 3rd September 2021 involving a one-off mint of approximately 60 million ARCX to get the total supply to 100 million tokens. From here a new schedule was formed for the Angel investors, ARCx Team and $KERMAN holders (detailed below) with various unlock dates and a stream started where relevant. The initial unlock dates were pushed back to flatten the inflation curve. The below chart shows the release of ARCX tokens over time.
ARCx Token Emissions

Token Distribution Breakdown

The below pie charts show how the different allocations change at two instances in time. Each chart shows the total locked allocation and its change to becoming unlocked (circulating).
Note: There are still some ARCX OLD tokens (around 600 at the time of writing) that are yet to be migrated across. This will add to the circulating supply as and when they migrate. There is no time cap on this, the migration portal will remain open indefinitely.
Update: Following the passing of AIP5, over 5 million ARCX from the treasury was added to the Uniswap v3 position. This has resulted in an increase of 5% to the circulating supply.
Last modified 3mo ago