Data Sources

Survival Score Reward

The Survival Score Reward considers liquidations that occur on third party lending platforms outside of ARCx. Transaction data from these platforms are continuously ingested and modelled to update the Survival Score Reward.

The current list of indexed platforms include:

  1. Aave V2 on Ethereum

  2. Aave V2 on Polygon

  3. Compound Finance on Ethereum

The process of indexing a third-party platform takes time, but we are constantly adding more. Our ultimate goal is to build the reference Credit Score used across DeFi. If you would like us to start indexing a particular platform or protocol, please let us know by joining our Discord and speaking with our team.

Daily Score Reward & Liquidation Penalty

The Daily Score Reward and the Liquidation Penalty only consider borrowing activity on ARCx Credit.

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