Any community member of ARCx can work towards a governance proposal on the ARCx Forum. A key component of community governance involves open communication. ARCx Improvement Proposals (AIPs) should generally involve the following workflow:

  1. Informal discussion on the Discord Server and/or Community Calls

  2. Formal discussions on the ARCx Forum through a work-in-progress (WIP) proposal

  3. Final draft of the ARCx Improvement Proposal (AIP) for voting

  4. Voting on Snapshot

Discord Server

Discord serves as the primary informal medium for community discussion. There are a wide number of channels available to those who join, and we try encourage active discussion on decisions concerning the protocol. The Discord server is regularly moderated by ARCx team members, who relay messages from the community to the relevant member of ARCx as necessary.

Weekly Community Calls

ARCx hosts regular community calls on Mondays at 9pm UTC in Discord. During these calls, the team delivers high-level status updates on goals and work completed, and we encourage any server member to ask questions either beforehand or during the call in the text channel.

Formal discussions

The ARCx Forum is the hub for more formal discussion and debate. An ARCx Improvement Proposal (AIP) should be born from open discussion within a post or on a new post, leading to a Work-in-progress (WIP) proposal, and finally an AIP in its final form to be voted upon. We encourage you to create an account on the ARCx community forum and get involved.


In the event an AIP gains significant traction within the community, it can then be voted on via Snapshot voting. Snapshot voting allows the community holding the token at a specific moment (block height) in the ETH blockchain to vote on a proposal without spending gas fees.

You can find our Snapshot page here.

An AIP may enact changes to the core protocol. For a vote considering an AIP to ‘pass’ and become binding, it must gain a quorum of at least 51% of the total voting power in the network.

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