Supplying and withdrawing

Connect your wallet to the Polygon Network

ARCx Credit operates on the Polygon network, a scaling solution for Ethereum. Before interacting with the application, you will need to connect and use your Web3 wallet on the Polygon Network. We recommend using Metamask wallet as your Web3 wallet, though we support any wallet compatible with Wallet Connect.

  • Log in to your wallet

  • In the search box insert polygon mainnet

  • Click the connect your wallet button on the top right

  • Click add to Metamask button

Connect your wallet to ARCx Credit

Visit and click “connect wallet” on the top right corner. This will open up a prompt to select either Metamask or Wallet Connect. Clicking on either option will prompt your wallet to connect to the website. Once connected, the “connect wallet” button will be replaced by your connected wallet address. If you wish to disconnect your current wallet, you can do so by clicking on this button and selecting “disconnect”.

Managing supply pools

Once you have connected your wallet, head over to the Supply page. Here you will find supply pools A, B and C, which correspond with borrow vaults A, B and C, as well as a supply history table that shows a list of transactions into or out of the pool.

As a reminder, ARCx Credit has implemented a three-tiered vault design, with each collateral asset having three distinct vault options distinguished by the range of max LTVs offered, the minimum Score required to access the vault, and the maximum credit limit a borrower can access (regardless of their deposited collateral).

For example, by supplying USDC into Pool A, you are lending USDC to borrowers in WETH-A (and any other “A” vault subsequently launched).

After selecting a supply pool, you will be able to supply or withdraw assets by (1) selecting the action type from the dropdown menu; (2) selecting the amount you wish to supply or withdraw; and then (3) clicking the primary action button.

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