The questions you're probably wondering.

Does the ARCx platform have a token?

The ARCx platform will have protocol token called $ARCX. The ERC-20 contract for this token will be deployed at a later time from the ARCx platform contracts, likely at some point in the next month. Details regarding ARC issuance and supply are still being considered. We will post updates to the ARC token page as decisions are made. You may also subscribe to receive updates regarding both the ARC token and the ARCx platform.

Have the ARCx smart contracts been audited?

The ARCx smart contracts have been audited by Quantstamp and received multiple independent reviews.

Are the contracts open source?

Currently the contract repos are not open to public access.

Is the ARCx platform permissioned?

The team will retain ownership of the contracts during ARCx’s infancy. This will eliminate the possibility of a governance attack early on, and will allow for quick updates if necessary.

Will there be usage limits (e.g. asset caps) when ARC is launched?

Yes. The ARCx platform will begin with limitations on the amount of capital that can be deposited, and therefore the amount of synthetics that can be minted.