Phase 1 Sale

Users who have participated in KYF (know your farmer) in the past are eligible to participate in the KYF sale. This includes farm 1-4 (doesn't include the current farm).

There are a total of 200 ARCx tokens that have been allocated to this round, with a price of 2,500 USDC per ARCx token.

The sale will start on the 15th Feb 2021 (UTC 12:00) and end on the 17th Feb 2021

Users who are eligible should check the app and see what their allocation is at


  • February 15th to 17th, 2021 (unless sold out sooner)

  • Price: $2,500 per token, representing a $25m fully diluted valuation. All buyers will pay the same price.

  • Exclusively available to all KYF verified users (Know Your Farmer v1 & v2) who participated in Farm 1, 2, 3 or 4

  • Maximum of 200 ARCx ($500k) available, representing 2% of total supply

  • Maximum per buyer: from Farm 1 to Farm 4, depending on the amount of each buyer’s KYF participation

  • Locked until end of Phase 2

  • Any unsold tokens will be rolled over into Phase 2 or be further resold to existing KYF users

Click here to confirm your allocation


The following outlines how we did the calculations for each user. For each of the farms we allocated a number of tokens that could be purchased:

  • Farm 1: 110

  • Farm 2: 60

  • Farm 3: 40

  • Farm 4: 190

Then we took the number of participants per farm which gives us a distribution per wallet (e.g. if 10 people participated in Farm 1 then it would be 110 / 10 = 11 ArcX per wallet)

Finally we simply add up the allocations on a per wallet basis. This means that those who participated in all 4 farms would have more rewards than those who participated in only a single farm.

Important Notes

  • Do NOT use a wallet that is not approved. Funds will not be refunded

  • Do NOT send more than you are allocated. Funds will not be refunded

  • If you send less than your allocation, you will be allocated ARCx pro rata


Q: Is there vesting? A: Tokens will be locked until the end of phase 2 This is expected in the next couple of weeks

Q: What happens to tokens not bought? A: Tokens not bought will be rolled over into the Phase 2 sale