Apply for a ARCx Passport


The analogy of a Passport was a very deliberate choice. Similar to passports issued by countries, the ARCx Passport allows you to discover the best the world of Web 3 has to offer. As more scores and benefits are added, and the better your reputation is, the greater the value of holding a Passport will be.

How to claim

To claim a Passport, simply visit, connect your wallet, and then click โ€œclaim passportโ€. Your wallet will then request a signature to approve the claim. Once this is done, your Passport has been created, and your scores are available to view.


Skins are NFTs that customize the look and feel of your Passport. You can use these skins to express what you value by showing support for a favourite project or to express a specific visual aesthetic that resonates with what youโ€™re about.
Once you obtain a Skin, it will be available to equip onto your Passport within Skins can be purchased from the collection on OpenSea.
More information can be found in this Substack article.

OG Passport Skin

The release of โ€œpassport hyper-accessibilityโ€ rendered passports free to claim and removed the need to pay gas through minting an actual NFT. Alongside this, we developed an โ€œOG Passport Skinโ€ to recognize our early supporters who locked up ARCx tokens and paid gas to mint a Passport.
More information can be found in this Substack article.