ARCx Governance Token (ARCX)
The core function of the ARCx Governance Token is to be the governance mechanism for the ARCx protocol itself. The token is intended to align incentives between various stakeholders within the ecosystem to promote sustainable growth and fair governance.
The ARCx Governance Token currently allows token holders to vote on expenditure from the treasury. In the future, ARCx token holders will be able to vote to receive cash flows generated from the network and participate in native on-chain governance to upgrade the protocol itself.
The first stop in on-chain governance of ARCx is the community forum. An ARCx Improvement Proposal (AIP) should be born from open discussion within a post or on a new post, leading to a Work-in-progress (WIP) proposal, and finally an AIP in its final form to be voted upon. The ARCx DAO encourages you to create an account on the ARCx community forum and get involved.
A separate Wiki page for 'ARCX Tokenomics' lists all of the contract addresses related to the ARCx Governance Token. In order to get a better understanding of how ARCX works from an emissions and allocations perspective, please read the original announcement of the ARCx Governance Token.
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