Proposals and Voting
Any community member of ARCx can work towards a governance proposal on the ARCx Forum. A key component of community governance involves open communication. ARCx Improvement Proposals (AIPs) should generally involve the following workflow:
  1. 1.
    Discussion on the forum/discord channel
  2. 2.
    Work-in-progress for a draft of the AIP as its own post on the forum
  3. 3.
    Final draft of the AIP to be submitted for voting
Whenever possible, on the forum, try to stick to the guidelines that are posted and pinned on each category so that discussions and proposals can be easily read, contextualized, and vetted by the community.
In the event your proposal gains significant traction within the community, it can then be voted on via Snapshot voting. Snapshot voting allows the community holding the token at a specific moment (block height) in the ETH blockchain without spending transaction fees. You can find our Snapshot page here.
An AIP may enact changes to the core protocol. For a vote considering an AIP to ‘pass’ and become binding, it must gain a quorum of at least 51% of the total voting power in the network.
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