Yield Farming


Farm #5 will be with a Uniswap pool of STABLEx and USDC. In order to maintain a better price we will start by incentivising Liquidity Providers to provide on the pool.

In order to participate:

  1. You must mint STABLEx tokens via the app (https://app.arcx.money/mint)

  2. Deposit STABLEx and USDC into the Uniswap pool: https://info.uniswap.org/token/0xcd91538b91b4ba7797d39a2f66e63810b50a33d0. Those who simply buy tokens will not receive ARCx rewards

  3. Visit https://app.arcx.money/farms and deposit your Uniswap LP tokens received in the previous step

Yield farming will occur over a period of 4 weeks and 500 ARCx tokens will be distributed. Please note that ARCx is not yet tradable.

All tokens issued will be subject to a 2 month lockup (after the initial 4 week farming period)

IMPORTANT: If you close your STABLEx debt position before the lockup period all of your rewards will be slashed.